On January 20, 2017, hundreds of thousands of people hit the streets in protest as Donald Trump assumed the reins of government. One year later, the people are back, and Trump is letting those same reins flop to the floor. This year, we take the reins back. Let us begin.

Saturday January 20

Obviously the big headline event of the day is Women’s March 2.0. But first, we’re having a Family Lab Open House from 10 am to noon at WorkBar in Union Square. If you’ve never attended a Family Lab meeting but want to know more, this is the perfect opportunity. It will include an Information Table where you can learn more about Family Lab and IS in general, fun interactive activities focused on voting rights, our mobile Social Justice Library, and of course, snacks.

Women's March 2018: The People Persist. Hosted by the January Coalition.

Then, at 1pm, it’s the pièce de résistance. On the first anniversary of the global event that introduced our movement to the world as a force to be reckoned with, join us for a reprise Women’s March on Cambridge Common. ISers plan to start gathering by the cannons in the park next to the Washington Elm, beginning at 12:15; when the rally starts, we will likely move closer to the stage. If you have any late-breaking questions, email Charlotte Hyland at hello@charlottehyland.com.

(Last but not least, donations to the event organizers are not required, but are appreciated! It takes a lot to rent stage, sound system, porto potties and all the other things needed to keep people comfortable and safe.)

Sunday January 21

Now that you’re fired up from a day of marches and chants, spend a day learning how to hone that energy and use it most effectively for change, at our Working Retreat. It will be happening from 9 am to 4 pm at Canopy. Led by Julie Wormser, a professional organizer trained in Midwest Academy strategizing, this seven hour planning session will enable us to get everyone’s input and hone our efforts for this fall’s Congressional election. This is open to all members, and together we’ll learn not only where we want to go, but how to plan and organize in the future.

Alternatively, if you’re new to IS, or want to help some newbies learn the ropes, you can come to the latest of our legendary new member orientations. This is an opportunity to learn about Indivisible Somerville’s structure, people, processes, and all the great work our organization did in 2017! This Orientation will be hosted jointly with Sister District Project. SDP will also discuss their work, and lead us through a postcard writing session in support of progressive Florida State House candidate Margaret Good, to cap off our time with some real action. (That’s right, we’re putting you to work right off the bat!) Hope to see you there!

Finally, starting at 5, come to the Tavern At the End of the World in Charlestown for a musical IS fundraiser featuring an eclectic mix of rock, jazz and country, courtesy of Boucher O’Connor Butler a.k.a. BOB.

Looking ahead

If you’re into tech and helping people put progressive pressure on politicians (that was way more alliterative than intended, but I’ll roll with it), then mark off January 28 on your calendar for the tech kickoff event for It’s Our Call. More details soon!


If you like the work we do, please consider setting up a small recurring donation to IS. Sustaining donations are what keep us afloat and able to pay for meeting space, web hosting, coffee, poster supplies, etc. You can set one up in less than 2 minutes on our donation page.

If there’s something you think we should know, drop us a line via the anonymous feedback form. We read each and every response.