Here is your list of phone calls, emails, Tweets, and other small actions to do every day of this week. Mark time in your calendar right now to do this.

Monday March 13

Call Netflix (1-866-579-7172) and thank them for producing the show “Dear White People.” They are getting a lot of negative feedback with many people calling from the alt-right who see the show as some kind of promotion of reverse racism (not a thing) rather than what it is: a smart show produced by a black person that centers the experience of actual racism with intellect, wit, irony, and humor. (Be sure to stay on the line for their one-question survey!)

Call Governor Baker (617-725-4005) and say:

SCRIPT: “Hi, my name is ____ and I am calling to urge Governor Baker to rescind his June 2016 directive to state law enforcement that supports ICE in its immigration enforcement and to publicly support the MA Safe Communities Act. These strong actions would reflect the best of our Massachusetts values and prevent the enactment of a police state, which is a non-partisan issue.”

(EXTRA CREDIT: Tell your friends in western Mass to call because it’s critical that he also hears from that part of the state. And, if you have extra time this week, call Gov. Baker more than once this week about the MA Safe Communities Act! You can find information on the act here.)

Call Senator Warren (617-565-3170) and Senator Markey (617-565-8519) and ask them to strongly oppose these GOP-backed bills: the REINS Act (HR 26) and the Midnight Rules Relief Act (HR 21), both of which are currently in the Senate.

The Department of Homeland Security is considering a proposal that would separate mothers and children if they illegally cross into the United States. This is a cruel and unnecessary practice. Contact the Department of Homeland Security (202-282-8495) and tell them you oppose this inhumane practice.

Tuesday March 14

Call Senator Warren (617-565-3170) and Senator Markey (617-565-8519) and tell them you believe that they should publicly call for Jeff Sessions resignation, and that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein must appoint a special prosecutor to conduct a full, independent investigation into the Trump Administration’s ties to Russia. Ask them:

SCRIPT: “Will the Senator commit to fully investigating Sessions and the White House’s ties to the Russian government and support Representative Darrell Issa’s call for an independent special prosecutor for the investigation?”

Call your Rep. Michael Capuano (617-621-6208 and 202-225-5111) & Rep. Katherine Clark (617-354-0292 and 202-225-2836) and ask them to vote NO on House Bill 610, the Choices in Education Act. This bill would effectively start the process of defunding public schools, eliminate student rights and programs that address poverty, and take away nutritional standards for school lunches.

Call Massachusetts Bristol County’s sheriff’s office (508-995-1311) and say:

SCRIPT: “Hi, my name is _ and I am calling to urge Sheriff Thomas Hodgson to stop cooperating with federal immigration authorities. He is one of only two sheriffs or police chiefs in the entire state who have chosen to align themselves with Trump’s hateful policies and it has led to an effective police state whereby the President can dictate the actions of local law enforcement. Studies have also shown that it makes police work harder because no one wants to cooperate with police due to increased fear, thereby putting everyone at greater risk- including officers themselves.”

Use the same script from above but call Massachusetts Plymouth County’s sheriff department (508-830-6200) about Sheriff Joseph McDonald, Jr.

Wednesday March 15

Call Senator Warren (617-565-3170) and Senator Markey (617-565-8519) and ask them to oppose the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch. Ask them:

SCRIPT: “Will you not only say you oppose him but work to defeat him by promising to use the filibuster against Gorsuch and any other Trump nominee?”

Call the Attorney General (617-727-2200 and say “Constituent Services”) and urge them to dismiss all of the tainted convictions from both drug lab scandals and support reforms in the upcoming legislative session to end mandatory minimum drug sentencing, i.e., SD500 and HD1794.

Call your District Attorney and urge him or her to dismiss all of the tainted convictions from both drug lab scandals.

  • DA Dan Conley, Suffolk – 617-619-4000
  • DA Thomas Quinn, Bristol – 508-997-0711
  • DA Jonathan Blodgett, Essex – 978-745-6610 (PRESS “0”)
  • DA Marian Ryan, Middlesex – 781-897-8300 (PRESS “0”)
  • DA Michael O’Keefe, Cape – 508-362-8113
  • DA Michael Morrissey, Norfolk – 781-830-4800 (PRESS “0”)
  • DA Timothy Cruz, Plymouth – 508-584-8120

Today is the #IdesOfTrump. People all over the country are planning to send postcards to the White House publicly expressing their opposition to the new President. Write your own and mail it to:

The President (for now)
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500.

Thursday March 16

Call Senator Warren (617-565-3170) and Senator Markey (617-565-8519) and tell them you want them to commit to a transparent process for any potential Obamacare replacement bill, including having public hearings on options besides full repeal and allowing MOCs, the public, and nonpartisan agencies like the CBO to review the bill and allow enough time for congressional debate. Ask:

SCRIPT: “Will the Senator commit, publicly, to opposing any congressional action on ANY ACA repeal bill without a transparent process, including a public CBO score?”

Call your Rep. Michael Capuano (617-621-6208 and 202-225-5111) & Rep. Katherine Clark (617-354-0292 and 202-225-2836) and tell them to publicly demand a CBO score on the top-secret plan by Republicans to take away your health care before ANY congressional action. No score, no vote.

Call Mass House Speaker Robert DeLeo (617-722-2500) and Mass Senate President Stan Rosenberg (413-584-1649) and tell them to publicly support the MA Safe Communities Act. Also tell DeLeo that this bill is important enough that he should fast track it to committee. (EXTRA CREDIT: Tell your friends in Winthrop and Revere to call DeLeo–it’s critical that he also hear from his constituents. And if you have any extra time, call DeLeo more than once this week!)

Call Governor Baker (617-725-4005) and encourage him to:

  1. Pledge funds for continuance of Medicaid expansion in the absence of federal subsidies as he recently did for Planned Parenthood
  2. Withdraw his bill to transfer control of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting process from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the Commonwealth.

Also, thank him for pledging state funds should Planned Parenthood lose their federal funding!

Friday March 17

Call Senator Warren (617-565-3170) and Senator Markey (617-565-8519) and say:

SCRIPT: “Hi, my name is ____ and I want the Senator to publicly support the MA Safe Communities Act. I know the Senator rarely comments on states issues but I feel this is important enough to warrant such action. As of now, our Governor has signed an Executive Order that directs local law enforcement to support federal ICE immigration officers. This puts all of our citizens at risk by creating an environment of fear, as well as mistrust in local law enforcement. It also creates an effective police state whereby the President effectively controls local police. This is a bi-partisan issue, a civil rights issue, and an issue of our Massachusetts values. It deserves comment from the Senator.”

Call your local school committee/district or a neighborhood school and tell them:

SCRIPT: “I am concerned with how Trump’s rescinding of the Obama administration bathroom rule will affect the district’s transgender students. Transgender kids are at a much higher risk for suicide and violence. What are you doing to protect them?”

Let’s proactively speak up & let them know this is an issue we care about!

Secretary Pruitt, in charge of protecting the environment, declared this week that he doesn’t believe carbon dioxide primarily impacts climate. Email him,, and send him this video link to help him understand.

Saturday March 18

Over 1,300 companies have pulled their advertising from Breitbart but Amazon still has not done so. Sleeping Giants, the organization leading the effort, is asking people to do the following three actions:

  1. Call Amazon’s customer service line (206-266-1000 ext. 1) and ask them why they’re advertising on Breitbart, a website notorious for promoting and propagating hate speech and fake news. Tell them you don’t want to support a company that supports Breitbart.
  2. Tweet the following: “@amazonhelp if your ad $ supports #Breitbart then I can’t support you #NotBuyingIt @slpng_giants” and
  3. Email Christine Bader, Director of Social Responsibility at and and tell her that you won’t support Amazon if it supports Breitbart.

Taboola has also stayed quiet and continues to advertise on Breitbart. Sleeping Giants is asking people to email Chaim Peres, co-founder of an investment firm called Pitango Ventures, which invested $15 million in Taboola. Peres also sits on Taboola’s Board of Directions – so he has a lot of influence. Email him,, and ask if he is aware that Taboola is actively funding hate speech in America by supporting Breitbart and see what he is planning to do about it. Then tweet him:

Bernie Sanders led a union-rights protest and march in Canton, MI, to demand Nissan respect the rights of workers to form a union. Let’s support them. Tweet them the following:

If you have time, post on their FB page and message them.

To Do

Watch & share the incredible folk guitarist and singer Iris Dement’s new resistance anthem!

Follow these people: Glennon Doyle Melton, Dan Rather, Tim Wise, Akilah (@smoothiefreak), and Caitlin Johnstone (@CaitlinAJohnstone)

Companies spend thousands of dollars on billboard advertising, but we each have our own FREE billboards: our front door and windows! Make a sign of solidarity and hang it on your front door or window. It’s a small step but if we work together it could be an easy and powerful way to make all of our neighbors feel welcome and help make the progressive majority in this country more visible. (EXTRA CREDIT: email me a photo of your sign at and I’ll share with everyone for inspiration!)

If you’re feeling hopeless, read this article I published on Medium this week that went viral after Robert Reich shared it with his Facebook and Twitter followers. I hope it helps!

Sign up for a Twitter account: If you’re like me, the last thing you want is another social media account. I get it. But Twitter has proved to be an effective mechanism for mass-targeting companies and individuals with synchronized messages. I finally created one and I only use it when there is a call to action (e.g., Sleeping Giants action above) and then all I have to do is copy-and-paste the requested tweet. Step one? Sign up.

Watch this brilliant 15-minute TED video on how to have difficult conversations with people with whom you disagree (spoiler: it takes time and you need to develop a relationship with them!):

If you are an iPhone user, flex your consumer power by checking out the new app to help you boycott all companies associated with Donald Trump.

Put your legislator’s phone numbers in your phone.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren
Boston Office 617-565-3170
DC Office 202-224-4543

U.S. Senator Ed Markey
Boston Office 617-565-8519
DC Office 202-224-2742

Rep. Katherine Clark
Concord Office 617-354-0292
DC Office 202-225-2836

Rep. Michael E. Capuano
Cambridge Office 617-621-6208
DC Office 202-225-5111

Governor Charlie Baker
Boston Office