Happy Friday, Indivisibles!

We are emerging from an email-light couple of months to bring to your attention a week’s worth of events that are worth your time and activist energy!

1. TONIGHT 10/5, we are proud to co-sponsor the Emergency #CancelKavanuagh protest. Meet at the State House at 7pm to make our voices heard and show that we won’t stand for this appointment! More details on the Facebook event. Hit us up on the Slack #events channel if you’d like to organize a group to rally together. No better way to start the long weekend than by demonstrating some collective rage!

2. SUNDAY 10/7, we will take to the streets once more as part of HONK! – the 13th Annual Festival of Activist Street Bands. We’ll be meeting in Davis Square at 11am to march with the help of this incredible banner made by a local activist. Stay tuned to the Slack #events channel and this Facebook page for more details.

3. TUESDAY, 10/9 – let’s make some calls! We will be phonebanking from 6-8pm at The Democracy Center for IL-14 Congressional candidate Lauren Underwood. Space is limited, so RSVP here. And stay tuned to the Facebook event for any last-minute updates. Huge thanks to Ginger, the phonebanking queen, for researching and proposing this fantastic candidate, and for putting this event together.

4. THURSDAY, 10/11 – let’s make some MORE calls! Last week we hosted a super successful phonebank for PA-16 Senate candidate Mark Pinsley, and this week we’re coming in for round two. We’ll be at the MassDems HQ downtown from 6-8pm – RSVP on the Facebook event here. Lots of gratitude to Ben for keeping in touch with Pinsley’s campaign and booking this incredibly inspiring space. Progressive campaign posters everywhere you look!

That’s all for now! As always, stay tuned to Slack and Facebook for details on anything we have in the works. I promise that there is much more ahead!

Our organizing capacity has been outstanding over these last few weeks, and I’m so proud of the work we’ve accomplished together. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has stepped it up to take on new projects and explore different means of activism in such a critical time. Folks who have never organized an event are now independently putting them together from start to finish, and that is no small feat!

I trust that there are only good things ahead as we push through to November 6. This work matters, and we are making a difference.

Yours in community,

Co-chair of the Steering Committee