What’s Good, May 7 to May 20

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Good News from The Swamp

Good News from the ballot box

  • Democrat Helen Tai won the special election for Pennsylvania House District 178, marking the first time that Republicans have lost control of the seat in 34 years.
  • More than two-thirds of the female US House candidates competing in the Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia primary elections on May 8 won their races: twenty-two Democratic candidates and five Republicans.
  • Ohio voters passed a ballot issue overhauling the district-drawing process for the state’s US House delegation. Ohio’s current map is gerrymandered to produce 12 safe Republican seats and a mere 4 safe Democratic seats in a state that is one of the nation’s swingiest.

Good News from America’s statehouses

Good News from far and wide

And lastly, a few chaser shots of 150-proof Neener Neener and random acts of kindness to make the Good News go down smoother