What’s Good, March 11 to March 24

Ladies and gents, introducing the new Representative of PA-18

Good News from the ballot box!

Good News from the courts!

Good News from Congress! (what?!?)

  • The Democrats kicked the Republicans’ asses in the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill negotiations. With mere hours to spare before yet another government shutdown, the Republican Congress passed, and the Republican president signed, a bill that while by no means perfect generally reads like a Democrat wish list.
  • Democrat wish list items included in the bill:
    • Increased funding for the IRS, NIH, Census Bureau, National Park Service, and major public infrastructure projects
    • An explicit ban on employers taking their employees’ tips (an insane practice that, believe it or not, Trump’s Department of Labor has publicly advocated for)
    • Grants for states to upgrade voting equipment
    • Funding for the FBI to fight Russian cyberattacks
    • The STOP School Violence Act, which appropriates funding to help students, school personnel, and law enforcement identify and avert potential school shootings, as well as to invest in physical security improvements at schools.
      • But the funding is explicitly prohibited from being used to arm teachers!
    • Improved gun background checks and the lifting of a ban on gun violence research by the CDC
  • Republican wish list items not included in the bill:
    • Anything more than a pittance for Trump’s border wall boondoggle
    • Repeal of the Johnson Amendment (aka the law prohibiting Dark Money from Jesus)
    • Concealed carry reciprocity (aka Guns Everywhere, And State Gun-Control Laws Be Damned)
    • Defunding of sanctuary cities and Planned Parenthood
    • Complete elimination of funding for the National Endowment for the Arts
      • In fact, the bill increases NEA’s funding instead!
    • Language exempting Native American tribal lands from enforcement of US labor laws
    • House Freedom Caucus haz a super duper sad!

Good News from the Swamp!

Good News from far and wide!


Bad News for the NRA!

And lastly, a few chaser shots of 150-proof Neener Neener to make all that Good News go down smoother: