State of the Good News Union: 2019

The bad news: You’ve been snookered; this is not actually an installment of The Good News. The Good News sword is still lodged firmly in the stone where the previous Bearer left it back in November, awaiting the next brave soul to pull it forth and wield it anew.

The good news: The moment draws nigh for the next brave soul to stand forward! Think you have what it takes to help bear the Good News throughout the land of Indivisible Somerville, in partnership with the Bearer Emeritus? Take a gander at the job posting below and let us know…

Job Title

The Good News co-producer

Job Description

Second co-producer (CP) needed for IS “The Good News” newsletter, to rotate writing and editing responsibilities with current producer. The Good News will ideally be published every second weekend, with one CP serving as Writer and the second CP serving as Editor, with the CPs rotating the Writer and Editor roles between installments.


  • Collect and post Good News-relevant news items to IS #thegoodnews Slack channel as you come across them
  • As Writer: once every four weekends, aggregate the past two weeks’ GN items into a newsletter for publication to the IS community.
  • As Editor: once every four weekends, review the Writer’s draft newsletter to ensure content is timely, accurate, well-written, and appropriate for the IS community.


  • Reliably available once every four weeks to serve in Writer role
  • Reliably available once every four weeks to serve in Editor role
  • Regular consumer of multiple local, national, and international news sources
  • Ability to analyze and concisely summarize newsworthy events for a wide audience
  • Solid writing and editing skills
  • Good sense of humor; distinct written “voice” a plus
  • Proficiency with Google Docs and Slack required
  • Proficiency with WordPress and/or MailChimp preferred but not required
  • Proficiency with image/illustration software a plus
  • Familiarity with IS Good News, Daily Kos Good News, or other Good News outlets a plus


The gratitude of your audience and the satisfaction of a job well done. (But zero dollars.)