What’s Good— Blue Wave Grand Finale Special Edition

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Editor’s note: this is the grand finale for your current Bearer of Good News, who will be riding the Blue Wave into retirement. Interested in picking up the torch as the next Bearer of Good News? Drop a note to steering-committee@indivisiblesomerville.org or Indivisible Somerville’s #thegoodnews Slack channel. The struggle continues!


Good News from the ballot box— TL;DR version

  • Democrats emphatically regained control of the House, winning 232 seats versus 198 for Republicans— a 37-seat swing. Democrats are also in the lead in another race that remains too close to call and are down by less than 1% in 4 more races.
  • Democrats also defied the odds against one of the worst Senate maps in decades, limiting their net losses to 2 seats and flipping Republican-held seats in Nevada and Arizona.
  • Democrats picked up 7 governorships and lost none.
  • Democrats flipped at least 3 attorneys general, probably 4. Republicans flipped none.
    • If the fourth flip (Wisconsin) holds, Democrats will occupy 26 of the nation’s 50 attorney general offices next year, which will be very useful for suing the bejeezus out of Trump over the next 2 years.
  • Democrats flipped 3 secretaries of state. Republicans flipped none.
  • Democrats flipped 6 state legislative chambers and more than 300 state legislative seats. Republicans flipped only one state legislative chamber.
  • Democrats had a net gain of 6 state legislative trifectas (governor, house, senate under unified control). Republicans had a net loss of 3.
  • Democrats had a net gain of 5 state government triplexes (governor, attorney general, secretary of state under unified control). Republicans had a net loss of 3.
  • Republicans managed to fumble a number of should-have-been slam-dunks, such as the Kansas governor’s race and congressional districts SC-01, NY-11, OK-05, and KS-03.
  • Ballot measures advancing numerous progressive causes across the nation fared very well in general.

Good News from the ballot box— the gory blue details

Miscellaneous other Good News you may have missed

And lastly, a chaser shot of 150-proof Neener Neener to make the Good News go down smoother

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