Hello Indivisibles!

As we head into the month of August, with important elections just around the corner and deeply uncomfortable levels of humidity in the air, we are writing to share with you some exciting updates.

Over the past several months, many of us have been working behind-the-scenes to think about how we can best meet our goals and serve our members. With the creation of ISe as a separate entity from Indivisible Somerville, we have had the opportunity to re-assess our progress, our capacity, and our vision. We want to remain at our core a deeply engaged group of activists, and put our energy into issues that matter and causes we care about. It has been an invigorating process to re-remember why we came into this work, and we are eager to share with you some org-wide developments.

1. We’re hosting a party. 

OK, this is arguably the least groundbreaking development – we’ve always been pretty good at socializing. BUT we wanted to make sure that everyone is clued in to our Summer Kickoff Party! This Saturday, July 28th, we’ll be packing up and hosting a house party in Dorchester. Two of our long-standing members have been commuting from DOT to Somerville for everything IS-related, so this time we’re bringing the party to them. Festivities will be from roughly 4-7pm – super casual, just an opportunity to come together, see each other’s faces, and get excited about all of the opportunities ahead. Please RSVP on the Facebook event, and BRING SNACKS AND BEVERAGES! We like potlucks, and no one is rich enough to feed us all.

2. We have a Steering Committee.

In an effort to recognize the incredible dedication and loyalty of our core volunteers and to allow for greater collaboration across interests and activities, we have developed a Steering Committee. Rather than have a small board and several lab leads, we wanted to create a larger and more robust group comprised of our most active members so that we have feedback and input coming from many perspectives. Our goal is to communicate more effectively, to make sure that this group represents the variety of interests that we hold, and to ensure that decisions come from a place of consensus and enthusiasm. We want everyone to feel like they can participate and take on responsibility in a way that is meaningful to them.

So now we have a kickass group of passionate people who will help inform the activities of the organization moving forward. Many of them were already deeply involved in some capacity, and some are new and already contributing in amazing ways! This link is a work in progress, but will soon have the photos and bios of the whole team.

If you’re interested in finding a role on the Steering Committee, please reach out! We are always happy to provide opportunities for more folks to live out their activist dreams. We’ll be sure to send out volunteer postings as they become available, and they’ll also be up on the website for all to see.

In the meantime, here’s one exciting new volunteer role – Stacey and Becca with It’s Our Call are looking for some back-end development team members. Check out the posting here!

3. We have a new donation process.

As part of our partnership with Indivisible National, our donations are now being accepted through Act Blue, at this link. Partnering with National in this way allows us to continue accepting donations to fund the work we’re doing without having to deal with the tax headaches of becoming a nonprofit. TL;DR: Peter took years off his life talking on the phone with lawyers and researching nonprofit finances, and this emerged as an awesome opportunity.

If you’re already giving to Indivisible Somerville, THANK YOU, and we’d love to get you in this new system. Please fill out the Act Blue form to begin donating there. Once we see your new donation coming in through ActBlue, we will cancel your previous monthly donation in our old system. If you don’t switch over, we are still receiving your donation, but since we want it all coming through this program, we will reach out in the coming weeks to help transfer you over.

If you’re interested in becoming a donor, THANK YOU, and use our brand-new beautiful link to do so!

4. We’re endorsing Ayanna Pressley.

As many of you saw, after an org-wide poll to select a candidate for endorsement in the MA-7 Congressional primary this September, Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley narrowly won our support with 52.5% of the vote! And Indivisible National announced just yesterday that citizens of MA-7 have also voted to endorse her by the organization as a whole, all because of our initial support!

We are excited about this opportunity to partner with her campaign and we hope it will allow our members to actively participate in the election process in a new way! This is our first ever candidate endorsement, so we are looking forward to seeing how we can learn and grow from the experience. We remain open to feedback regarding how best to get involved, and will be announcing some specific actions and signing up to volunteer at the party on Saturday.

In the meantime, there are a few AP events in Somerville this weekend, in case you’re eager to get started!

Saturday – Canvassing in the Ward Two neighborhood

Sunday – Canvassing in the Winter Hill neighborhood – morning and afternoon

5. We will still be corresponding frequently and holding regular meetings.

As always, our Slack channel is POPPIN’, with articles being shared, questions being asked, and events being planned on the regular. Join us there for the day-to-day conversations and queries. We are also accessible via email – steering-committee@indivisiblesomerville.org reaches the whole crew, and we welcome individual messages!

We plan to have monthly or bi-monthly org-wide get-togethers as an informal way to discuss current initiatives, vent the frustrations du jour, and stay up-to-speed on how we can best support each other’s work. These “meetings” are open to all, so stay tuned for one coming in August or September!

6. We are done with this email.

Well, that’s all for now, Indivisibles. We appreciate your patience throughout this time of change and reorganization, and we are so, so grateful for your energy, time, enthusiasm, and desire to make a difference. We hope you all are feeling fired up and ready to take on the world, cause we sure are.

Yours in community,

Erin and Peter, on behalf of the IS Steering Committee