Any member can start a lab as long as it meets basic requirements.

Any member can start a lab as long as it meets basic requirements. To start a lab, please follow the steps below:

  • Join Indivisible Somerville & friends and attend at least one meeting.
  • Draft a mission statement for your lab.
  • Find at least two “co-signers” from the group – you need three people to start a lab.
  • Meet with one of our leads in person or on Slack to discuss the lab and flesh out the plan.
  • If accepted, present it at the next meeting and recruit new members.

Suggest a Lab

If you would like to see us offer a lab, please email us your suggestions.

Lab Requirements

There are two main requirements all labs must meet:

  • Labs must have clear, actionable goals and a path towards achieving these goals.
  • Labs must work to get progressive agendas passed and progressive/anti-Trump leaders elected.

Labs can focus around issues (ex: environment). They can be based in action, or they can be research projects (ex: researching how to best reach undecided voters). They can be big, long-term drives (ex: registering voters), or one-offs (ex: helping with a special election in Connecticut). They can focus on education, data collection, local volunteer work, hacktivism, etc.

If you’ve ever thought of a great idea and then wondered why it didn’t exist, this is your chance to bring it to life.