A candy wrapper and a discarded energy drink bottle. My kids were now so accustomed to picking up litter and carrying it to a trash bin that if I picked something up, they would grab something too. My smallest stood tall. I could tell he also felt that extra bit of self respect, that extra measure of pride of place, through a small, tangible improvement that took so little time. Once free of garbage, you can see the grass itself standing a little taller and greener.

I want everyone to get an opportunity to feel what I feel from a simple act of cleaning something up and knowing that it made a tiny difference. Even if nobody notices, it is thousands of these tiny acts that multiply and amplify until everyone can see we are caring for a place worth caring about.

This Saturday, the Indivisible Somerville Energy and Environment Lab is teaming up with the Charles River Conservancy to do some spring cleaning. Join us from 9–12 for this volunteer opportunity at Christian A. Herter Park on the bank of the Charles River. Bring gloves, wear boots, and sign up here to prune trees and shrubs and remove litter and leaves.

For more information please visit indivisiblesomerville.org or email indivisiblesomerville@gmail.com