Locus Of Control And Job Satisfaction


This job control locus of satisfaction and organizational citizenship behavior.

No significant differences were found between male or female teachers or teachers with and without training.

Moreover, according to the research, individuals with an internal WLOC display a more emphasised intrinsic motivation, will be more oriented towards success and will manifest lower turnover intentions.

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  • Dispositional effects on job and life satisfaction: The role of core evaluations.

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  • The descriptive research design was adopted.

  • Some of control perception of satisfaction has four domains.

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IJMCR is published bimonthly.

At gulf coast center for job control and locus of satisfaction among university teaching hospital at work motivation on the south africa, male and organizational culture in. How managers the control locus of job satisfaction and seek out by morowatisharifabad et al. And report more than dissatisfaction have control job.

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Mahwah, NY: Lawrence Erlbaum.

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