Indivisible somerville is an activism incubator, which means we sponsor projects lead by people like you who have great ideas. If you are a planner and a leader, you can join a Lab (working group) and get more deeply involved in our work. Whether you want to work with kids, computers, or campaigns, we have projects to fit your skills and interests! Join us!

Please contact the lead below directly via our slack page (fill out the JOIN form and you will automatically be invited!) or email for immediate volunteer opportunities.


The #creative Lab manages and produces all of the design needs for IS and its partners. For us that’s a everything from logos to banners to websites. Join us in creating/ continuing the strong brand presence of IS locally and nationally in our volunteer efforts!

Energy & Environment

The Energy & Environment Lab focuses on environment issues on the federal, state, and local level (Somerville and surrounding cities welcome – we can all share ideas).

This team provides Indivisible Somerville with information about legislature we can influence, phone numbers to call, and action to take. The team plans bigger actions like proposing bills, planning rallies, and working alongside other local environmentalist groups to push for environment, climate, and renewable energy progress.

This lab has full access to Indivisible Somerville’s leader training, technology stack, and access to our 1000+ members to support you with the people power you need for real grassroots change.

  • Leads: @laryu
  • Slack channel: #ee


This lab takes care of IS finances and accounting, as well as fundraising for the movement. If you love spreadsheets, banks, and keeping track of expenses, or if you want to plan a creative fundraising event to help us cover space, materials, and more, this is a great place for your efforts.

It’s Our Call

It’s Our Call is creating a website or app to channel activist energy towards the calls and actions that stand a chance of having impact. The tool gathers legislator’s stances on important, upcoming votes. It helps activists call their own legislators, and spread the word to their friends with uncommitted legislators. Our work in progress is explained at

We’re seeking anyone who wants to help carry this idea forward. Wherever in the process we are when you join, we’re happy to get you caught up. This lab needs people of all backgrounds: data, writing, research, media, programming, project management, user experience, design, and more. All are welcome!

  • Leads: @staceyymccullough, @becca
  • Slack channel: #its-our-call


The Outreach lab, or “relationship-building task force” focuses on getting people engaged in activism for the first time. They run studies and do targeted, personal outreach to connect new activist with the issues they’re passionate about. The focus of this lab is to turn passive allies into active and engaged supporters.


  • Leads:  @Erin McKissick, @peterk, @Matt C, @Ben_lawent


The Tech lab is responsible for building and maintaining Indivisible Somerville’s technology stack, which serves as a platform for Indivisible Somerville activists. Tech also ensures the safety of all of our activists by developing educational materials and promoting the technical literacy of our members and the general public. We are currently providing tech support for the entire organization, and creating an open-source technology stack for use by other activist orgs.

We are looking for anyone with experience or interest in web and mobile development, data, cybersecurity, graphics design, and technical project and product management. We do much more than web dev and need people of all backgrounds – we have projects for everyone.

  • Slack channel: #tech (invite-only)



The writing lab is in charge of our online publication and newsletter, which is evolving to include feature pieces, interviews, and maybe even bona fide shoe-leather reporting. The lab also helps members with writing press releases and op-eds, editing IS public statements, and more. This lab includes writers, editors, publishers, advisors, and techies who own our content management system and newsletter.

  • Leads: @jesse