Happy New Year ISers!

Despite a breathtakingly tough year, it would have been far, far worse without the great efforts of Indivisible Somerville and hundreds of thousands of colleagues in over 5,800 Indivisible chapters and other organizations across the US. Together, we are rebuilding American democracy. Together, we are turning the tide back toward progressive values, generosity and human decency.

Indivisible Somerville is recognized as one of the most effective Indivisible chapters in the country. We’re partnering with chapters in red and purple states to provide the tech support they need to be most effective. We’re registering voters in time for the 2018 elections. We’re training and supporting activists to speak out and organize around local and national legislative issues.

With so much at stake, we’re coming together for eight hours of strategic planning sessions to hone our efforts for this fall’s Congressional election. Help us most effectively do our part to defeat the Trump agenda and win back Congress. Please RSVP here to participate, including your preference on dates and full- or half-days.

The retreat dates are either January 13th and 14th, or January 21st. Depending on majority preference, we’ll either work two half-days or one full-day. Again, please RSVP here. We know this is soon, but there is no time to waste!

(If you’re available on January 20th, you can come march with us at The Cambridge/Boston Women’s March 2018: The People Persist.)

The agenda is below.

See you there!


This planning retreat follows the Midwest Academy strategy chart and will be facilitated by a professional organizer.

Day 1 (or part 1 if we do a full day):

1:00 pm Welcome and meet your neighbor
1:15 pm Goal setting: long-term, campaign goal, essential benchmarks
2:30 pm Break
2:45 pm Resource inventory: organizational considerations, allies and opponents–adjust goals
3:45 pm Day 1 wrap up and next steps
4:00 pm Adjourn

Day 2 (or part 2 if we do a full day):

1:00 pm Welcome back and reflect with your neighbor
1:15 pm Break into groups each focused on one campaign goal. Identify primary and secondary decision makers
2:15 pm Break
2:30 pm Tactics to get decision makers to say yes
3:30 pm Day 2 wrap up, reflections and next steps
4:00 pm Adjourn