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City Of Maple Ridge Dog License Renewal

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The appellant shall state therein his position in the Civil Service, the disciplinary or other action appealed from, when and by whom such action was taken, and that he appeals from such action to the Civil Service Board.

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Clubs may conduct aircraft flight instruction for regular members only, and only members of the flying club may operate the aircraft.

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We genuinely appreciate the cooperation of our residents during this past storm and thank the hard working men and women who worked through the last two nights.

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State standards and permit conditions; and shall achieve compliance with all national categorical pretreatment standards within the time limitations as specified by the federal pretreatment regulations and with any other pretreatment standards by applicable deadlines which may hereafter be promulgated.

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Gross receipts shall include monthly service charges but shall not include monies received as installation charges and charges and fees for reconnections, inspections, repairs or modifications or any installation and all state and federal taxes related thereto.


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Wildlife preserves are controlled areas where certain game species can be released for the purpose of hunting.


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Although the bear itself has not been seen, footprints in snow covered ground have been observed and bird feeders have been tampered with.

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Building Permits are being issued. Sign up for City of Maple Grove emergency notifications and community alerts. Look out for new events and programs and come support your local community!
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The Police Department shall have all necessary law enforcement powers in the Village parks to secure compliance with the provisions of this Local Law and to ensure lawful activity in said parks.

All duly appointed employees necessary shall propel or renewal of city

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The sales tax identification number of the applicant. Centurion Car Add Full Active

The Council may grant one or more initial franchises, or may decline to grant any franchise.