Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and welcome to your Events Roundup. We’ve had a busy week, so let’s get started.

In Review

We’ll start with where the last Roundup left off: our quarterly Org Meeting. It was our first since switching from a monthly to a quarterly schedule, and our first ever at a new location. Under the circumstances, one might have expected us to be a bit rusty, but afterwards there was general agreement that we had pulled off our tightest, most organized Org Meeting to date, without sacrificing any of the excitement of prior outings.

Among the evening’s highlights:

• The lab formerly known as “Choosing Battles” now has an official name, and a website. Visit It’s Our Call to find out all about this exciting project.

• Indivisible Somerville is throwing its support behind the Welcome Project‘s new Rapid Response Network, which aims to provide immediate support to the families of immigrants detained by ICE. They need volunteers! To find out more, email volunteer@welcomeproject.org.

• We had a bang-up quarter, welcoming 155 new members, two new lab leads, and a whole new lab (Evening Action).

• At the Org Meeting itself, we raised $229, 100% of which will be donated to relief efforts in Puerto Rico. If you would like to donate, Venmo @indivisiville or go to http://paypal.me/indivisiville. Make sure you include “PR” in your payment description.

Although today, Monday 10/9, is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, it was Saturday on which Native groups and allies held a Sinking Columbus protest. Members of Indivisible Somerville took part in the event, which began with speakers at Park Street Station, and culminated in a march to the Christopher Columbus statue at the Seaport. Here’s the skinny on how it went down, courtesy IS organizer Ashley Tartarilla:

In Saturday, IS members joined the Indigenous Peoples’ Day rally and march in an effort to end the public celebration of Christopher Columbus, a man who symbolizes white supremacy, colonization, and imperialism. Protesters marched from Boston Common to the Christopher Columbus statue by the waterfront. The statue was “decorated” with posters depicting an honest telling of history, and speakers denounced the myth surrounding the “discovery” of America. In a final solemn and sacred gesture, the group turned to face the harbor, and prayed for the healing of Indigenous people present and past, and the Earth that sustains us all.

The march is an annual event hosted by Indigenous Peoples’ Day Massachusetts, who are working tirelessly to pass legislation in the Commonwealth to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day, as an officially recognized holiday.

The next day brought another action, this time of a much more lighthearted nature: Indivisible Somerville took in the great Somerville tradition, the HONK! Parade, in which activist street bands from around the country and even other countries march and raise a joyous ruckus for justice. This year we just carried a banner and a tambourine, but we’re already starting to plan for next year’s showing. Oh yes, we’ll be back — and next time we’re bringing the noise.

Coming up

This is happening in just about an hour from the sending of this message, but we mentioned it last week so hopefully you marked your calendars: we’re hosting a Candidate’s Forum tonight with Newton Mayor and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Setti Warren. It will be held at the Green Room, at 62 Bow Street, from 5:45 to 6:45. He will speak, followed by a Q&A. This is a rare chance to meet a rising star in the Massachusetts Democratic Party, and quite possibly our next Governor, in an intimate setting. So be there, and bring your tough questions. 🙂

Tomorrow, 10/10, the Outreach Lab meets at Diesel Cafe in Davis Square from 8 to 9pm.

On Thursday, 10/12, Red State Rising meets at 15 Westwood St. in Somerville from 6 to 7pm. Right on its heels, the second-ever Evening Action meeting will be held at the Green Room, from 7 to 8.

The next morning, 10/13, the never-to-be-cowed-by-superstition Action Lab has its regular Friday morning meeting at 10am at the Somerville Public Library, 79 Highland Ave.

On Saturday morning, 10/14, Community Hours are back! This week they’ll be hosted by Melissa Green at 14 Lincoln Parkway, Apt. 2 in Somerville. Chill with your favorite ISers, get some work done, have some snacks. It’ll be bomb, because it always is.


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