Under the Trump administration the environment is heavily at risk. The Indivisible Somerville Energy and Environment Lab is pleased to present just some of the ways you can help resist. For more info and actions you can take visit the Sierra Club or MCAN.

Comment on repeal of Clean Water Act of 2015

Scott Pruitt and the EPA are considering rolling back the Clean Water Act of 2015, which puts smaller tributary streams and rivers under the same federal protections as major waterways. These streams provide drinking water to millions of Americans and are connected to ground water supplies. Polluting them is polluting the major waterways.
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Example Comment:

I am writing to urge you to uphold the 2015 Clean Water Rule defining Waters of the United States that are subject to protection under the federal Clean Water Act. Repealing this vital safeguard will put the health of communities throughout the nation at risk and undermine the water resources needed for economic development, recreation, wildlife, and quality of life.

These small headwater streams and wetlands are the source of much of our drinking water supply and are necessary for our rivers to be the recreational resources that support our communities’ economies, and reduce the extremely destructive force of flooding.

This country has made significant progress in cleaning up polluted rivers, which has brought tremendous economic benefits. Just look at the cleanup of Boston Harbor and the economic engine that has created. This example is replicated in hundreds of towns and cities across Massachusetts and New England.

In many communities we are dependent on groundwater which is fed by storm water recharge, which depends on the existence of the streams and wetlands currently protected under the Clean Water rule. Reducing the current protections puts the drinking water of millions at risk.

This repeal would eliminate protections for up to 60% of streams and wetlands nationwide and jeopardize the health of drinking water sources for more than 117 million Americans. The Clean Water Rule protects 20 million acres of wetlands and more than half of the stream miles across the country. Clean water is essential to our health, vital to all communities, and necessary for a robust economy. I oppose this repeal which will weaken commonsense safeguards that protect our water resources.

The Clean Water Act was designed to make all of our waters clean enough to fish and swim in. Which will benefit all Americans by boosting economic growth and allowing fir more access to clean water. A repeal of this act will make it much more difficult to achieve that goal. When this much is at risk we need stronger protections, not weaker.

Thank you for your consideration.
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Get your town to support increased renewable energy!

The Massachusetts Climate Action Network is seeking town elected officials to sign on to this letter to garner support for H2700, which would increase the commonwealth renewable energy mix percentage increase from 1% to 3%. Email your alderman, or other city/town representatives, and ask them to sign on to the letter. Once they have committed. send their contact info to faithsimon@massclimateaction.net and they will collect the signatures for the hearing on September 19th.


My name is [NAME] as a resident of [CITY]
As you might know there is a bill (H2700)l this legislative session the the State House that aims the increase our Renewable Energy Portfolio by increasing the amount of renewable energy required to be provided by energy providers over time. It would require an increase of 3% per year as opposed to the current 1%.

This change, in conjunction with other similar energy policies in New England would accelerate compliance with the Global Warming Solutions Act, create up to 37,000 net new jobs by 2030, and diversify our energy mix and protect consumers from increases in fossil fuel prices.
What we are asking that you and other elected officials commit to signing the attached letter, which will be delivered to the Committee on Telecommunications and Utilities before the hearing on this bill. We want to show that the towns and cities of the commonwealth are also committed to combating climate change and increasing renewable energy jobs, Brookline has taken a step toward that with the roll out of the Community Choice Energy agreement this summer and this would be a good next step.

Tell your state reps to commit to voting Yes on carbon pricing!

Call your State reps and ask them to support H1726 and S1821 the two bills related to carbon pricing. These recently had a hearing with overwhelming support but have yet to be scheduled for a vote, the more reps that say they will commit to voting yes the more likely it will be brought to the floor.

Bonus credit: email the heads of the Utilities Committee and ask them to report out the bills favorably:


Hello, my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [CITY] I wanted to ask the representative to support H1726 and S1821, both relate to carbon pricing and would be incredibly beneficial to the Commonwealth. Thank you very much for your time