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Exterior Property Maintenance Checklist

Start their exterior maintenance checklist below and

While some facility managers living in the Midwest may pay extra attention to their landscaping during the warmer and drier summer months, ongoing care should be practiced all season long, regardless of the region.


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You can watch videos online to see how it is done.
Paint is not only there to make your home look beautiful.
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  • Look for brands free of salt or chloride.
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  • Be on the lookout for trees that need trimming.
  • Trim your shrubs, flowers and bushes, too.
  • Prepare, prime, and spot paint areas needing repainting.
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In case this advice is applicable to your type of property, take it seriously.
First, vacuum lint from the hose at the dryer.

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As a property manager, you also have to make sure contractors get paid and expenses are tracked. Drain your pool and any other water features.

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To protect both the association and the children, ask a professional to perform yearly inspections. This is essential to preventing accidental fires.

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Stucco applied to an exterior wall or foundation was intended to function as a watertight surface. Clean your faucet heads and get a new filter.

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The exposed ends of porch floorboards are especially susceptible to decay and may need to be treated every year or two.

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Closing of streets for unsafe conditions.
Repair anything that needs attention.
Clean window and door screens.

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This will also help ensure no water infiltration.
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Inspections should cover several key areas; structural safety, maintenance, and appearance.
Building attics demand unique maintenance attention.

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Determine whether there is any serious or significant damage that needs to be fixed immediately. Preventive maintenance is an essential part of running a business efficiently and economically. Even a small problem with the roofing system can escalate in no time, burning a hole in your wallet. Plus, they can support someone who may accidentally slip in wet or snowy conditions.
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In addition to routine and preventative maintenance and unexpected repairs, there are other times when landlords will need to perform maintenance duties.
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If you have pines or other messy trees near the home, consider cleaning the gutters every three months. When paint on walls or ceilings begins to fade, or if it is damaged in any area, repaint as needed. You should be able to walk around your house without being impaired by bushes.
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Now in good condition so continue, property exterior maintenance checklist to designate a check of. Preventative maintenance is one of the most important tasks for landlords and property managers.


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