Dear Indivisibles,

Now that we are over a week out from the 2018 midterms, we wanted to write a note to thank each and every one of you who showed up for progressive politics in some way over these last several months. Although there were inevitably some disappointments that evening, there were also many incredibly exciting and encouraging victories, and we helped make that happen.

Here’s an update from some of our campaigns:

  • Jared Golden WON in ME-02 (decided just this week after a ranked-choice runoff!! What a thrill!)
  • Yes on 3 PASSED in Massachusetts (still wondering why this was ever on the ballot…but thank goodness this was the outcome!)
  • Lauren Underwood WON in IL-14, and will be the youngest black woman sworn in to Congress!
  • In a competitive race, Liuba Grechen Shirley lost her NY-02 race with 46.7% of the vote
  • In another tight election, Mark Pinsley lost his PA-16 race with 48.6% of the vote

It is heartening for us to see so many female candidates, racial minority candidates, LGBTQ candidates, and first-time candidates earning positions of power in our government, newly able to represent perspectives that have been missing for so long. As progressives, we were in an unenviable position after November 2016, but the results of last week’s election proved that we did not surrender to despair. We gathered and organized and fought back, sending a strong message that we do not stand for the reckless bigotry, ignorance, and utter lack of empathy that have defined the current administration.

With your help, we ran weekly canvassing and phonebanking events to support thoughtful, passionate candidates who deserved our time and energy. We researched how to be most effective, we taught ourselves how to mobilize and take action. We tried new things and we revised our organizing strategies when we found ways to improve. We brought in new volunteers and allowed our veteran organizers to take on critical leadership positions.

We owe a huge amount of gratitude to a handful of folks who stepped up and devoted countless hours of their free time to make sure that we were a force this election season. For those who haven’t organized political events before – this isn’t easy work! It takes foresight and planning – you have to communicate with campaigns, promote across several types of social media, take time out of your day to show up and teach people how to make calls and canvass. Please high-five/hug/buy a drink for the following people the next time you see them:

  • Emily Arkin, whose canvassing tales, Slack updates, and organizational savvy kept us inspired in the darkest of times.
  • Ginger Leib, who quietly researched candidates all over the country and learned how to use every single HubDialing software that has ever been invented.
  • Ann Lurie, whose steady presence at Activist Afternoons and input on the Question 1 debate were a comfort to us all.
  • Kristin Mannke, whose unfathomable levels of enthusiasm and charisma got people to go to Maine! Every single weekend!
  • Ben Lawent, who partnered with a critical PA State Senate race and showed us the value of putting in a concerted effort and building relationships with campaigns.

So, now what? It’s time to figure out our next steps.

1. We will be hosting an Open Steering Committee Meeting on Wednesday, December 5th from 7:30-8:30pm (maybe 9 if we’re chatty!). We’re hosting at a member’s home, so location will be disclosed upon RSVP 🙂 It’s in the Davis Square neighborhood, very close to the T!

Things YOU can do at the Steering Committee meeting:

  • Meet Indivisible Somerville’s (IS) Leadership
  • Learn what makes IS tick
  • Take on a leadership role
  • Propose prospective projects and initiatives
  • Discuss activist gaps and challenges
  • Discuss today’s politics with others that would like to listen!

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Please also let us know if there is a specific topic you would like to discuss.

2. We want to do something fun! Not that the meeting won’t be fun, but, you know… Please respond to this DOODLE POLL to indicate which day(s) of the week work best for you to attend a casual social event at a bar or restaurant. Once we have input, we’ll nail down a date and time.

Let’s keep this Blue Wave rolling! Proud of you all, and grateful to be in this work with you.

Yours in community,

Erin & Peter
Co-Chairs, Indivisible Somerville