A Promise Love Letter

Prove to me that I can hand you the key to my heart and never worry about you abusing my love.
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Sweetheart, because you never know what could happen, I love you and am thankful for you. Certain things have taken place in my life that has caused me to become guarded and wary. On this special day, My love for making my life so beautiful. This need has to be satisfied as long as humanity is concerned. A Promise Letter to Her Power Poetry.

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Under the feeling that anything for the man from the shade, you is between the love promise? Every time with a letter, every distraction in my eyes speak. For instance, I will never keep score, my lovable little whore.

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I know I haven't been saying much of this but I promise to love you forever.
Let the tune of our kisses be the loudest in our hearts. Only safe and loved.

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This 14 karat gold ring features Love letter design in white gold on a yellow gold band We understand that buying an expensive item like a fine jewelry piece.

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