Female Charged With Statutory Rape

The Court dismissed the appeal and concluded that it was possible to eliminate the defense of consent depending on the specific facts of the case.
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In Texas, all categories of statutory rape charges are felonies.

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The act preserves the identity of the victims, thereby preventing any disclosure in relation to the victim.

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Supreme Court, the mother argued that the underlying order of detention suffered from various constitutional defects, mainly that special courts have exclusive jurisdiction to hear cases involving sexual violence against a girl and that the trial court therefore lacked jurisdiction.

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WEEKLY Criminal Justice Newsletter is FREE! Use your real name, and back up your claims. TRIO programs at Tusculum University. What is the Age of Consent in Oklahoma? Investigator Andrea Davidson investigated. There she was sexually assaulted by a man exposing his genitals.

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The Court dismissed the first argument, noting that the legislature is entitled to take into account various differences between men and women, such as the problem of teenage pregnancies, deterring females from reporting if they would also be criminally liable, etc.

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The trial court concluded that there was legal penetration.

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What are the Penalties for Statutory Rape?