It’s crunch time! Every Massachusetts bill that doesn’t make it out of committee by this Wednesday, February 7, is dead for this session, probably dead for two years. We’ve put together scripts on 5 Calls for four bills that Indivisible Somerville supports, all of them currently stuck in committee.

Let’s get on the phones (or emails) and tell our legislators to do all they can to enact these important bills now—not two years from now!

  • Increase Massachusetts’ renewable portfolio. The percent of energy that utilities have to purchase from renewables is required to increase by a mere 1% per year. H2700 changes the increase to 3%, so we can see 100% renewable in our lifetimes.
  • Empower families and law enforcement to prevent gun tragedies. H3081, extreme risk protective orders, is a common-sense gun measure that allows family members, mental health professionals, and the police to temporarily restrict access to firearms for someone who presents a high risk of suicide or danger to others.
  • Provide Mass communities the option to give tenants the right to purchase. The Local Option Tenant’s Right to Purchase Bill (H3017) allows Massachusetts communities to adopt a program giving tenants the right to first refusal at fair market value before any sale.
  • Push for the Mass Safe Communities Act. In light of the administration’s aggressive tactics against immigrants, we need to enact the Safe Communities Act (S.1305 and H.3269), which provides important protections such as preventing Massachusetts state and local law enforcement from being used to help round up and deport immigrants.