The tax scam’s not law yet. It’s headed to a House/Senate conference committee, which will try to iron out the many differences between the House and Senate bills. Let’s keep up the pressure against the bill by calling Senators Markey (202-224-2742) and Warren (202-224-4543) and our representatives and letting them know we appreciate their support and urge them to continue to oppose the Republican plan. Here’s our tax scam script. If you happen to know anyone with a Republican Representative in the high-tax states of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, or California, ask them to tell their Reps not to raise taxes on their own constituents.

And here’s a thought. How about alternating calls about this and about a clean DREAM Act until the two issues are resolved? The media’s been reporting that the opposition is losing steam. Keeping the congressional phone lines busy is one way to show we’re fighting as hard as ever. Showing up at rallies is another way. There’s a National Day of Action for Immigrant Rights rally at 3:30 today at Faneuil Hall, and on Sunday the Boston Tea Party Dump the GOP Tax Bill rally will take place on the Common at noon.