Now that we’ve partnered with 5 Calls, you can use their easy, effective tool through our Massachusetts-focused page. Calls and other actions on the federal level are slanted to the Mass delegation, and the page includes state-level issues, too.

New actions

  • Lobby for the strongest possible criminal-justice reform bill. Each of the bills passed by Massachusetts’ two legislative chambers contains big improvements—but they’re not good enough yet. There’s still time to strengthen the final bill by lobbying the conference committee. If history’s any guide, it could be our last chance for decades.
  • The Trump administration wants to let private companies drill for oil and gas in massive portions of the U.S. continental shelf, including California, the Arctic, and much of the Atlantic seaboard. There are bills before Congress to overturn the decision, and most—but not all—members of the delegation support them. Let’s thank the supporters, and urge the others to get on board.
  • And at the same time, the administration is trying to roll back safety measures enacted after the Deepwater Horizon disaster. They’re taking comments on the proposal now, with a January 29 deadline.

To take action, just type in your zip code, choose your issue, and follow the script.