Stop the Trump Tax Scam. The Senate will vote soon on the Republican tax plan. If passed, the plan will decimate higher education, the Affordable Care Act, and many of the deductions that matter to hard-working Americans. Meanwhile, it slashes corporate taxes while greatly favoring the very wealthy. A recent analysis indicates that it will ultimately lead to tax hikes for 50% of Americans, primarily members of the middle class. Meanwhile, Trump and his family stand to gain more than $1 billion under the plan.

The overwhelming majority of economists predict that the Republican plan will also balloon the deficit. As a result, the Congressional Budget Office says, it could trigger $25 billion in automatic Medicare spending cuts next year, plus another $111 billion in reductions to other programs. And the deficit will give Republicans an excuse to make further Medicare cuts as well as cuts to Medicaid, Social Security, and programs that benefit the poor and the powerless.

Polls indicate that most Americans oppose the tax scam. We need to communicate the depth of our opposition to the Senate, and we need to do it this week. Let’s use the script below to call Senators Markey (202-224-2742) and Warren (202-224-4543) and urge them to delay the bill’s passage by withholding consent and offering hundreds of amendments. Even more importantly, we can use Indivisible’s cool calling tool to reach out to progressives in target states and convince them to call their senators.

SCRIPT: Hello, my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [CITY]. I’m calling to let the senator know that I strongly oppose the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This bill will give massive cuts to corporations and the very wealthy, while 277,000 people in Massachusetts will lose health insurance coverage and 654,900 Massachusetts families will see a tax increase.

I’m happy that the senator stands with HIS/HER constituents in opposition to the bill, and I want to urge him/her to commit to withholding consent on votes and other actions, including nominations, and to hold the floor with lots of amendments so that we have more time to mobilize against this bill.

[OPTIONAL: Add a reason why the tax plan will be harmful to you or people you know]

Thank you for your hard work answering the phones.


Demand that the FCC maintain net neutrality. The FCC will vote December 14 on the proposal by Chairman Ajit Pai, once chief counsel for Verizon, to abolish net neutrality regulations. Net neutrality allows all users to have equal access to everything available on the Internet. Abolishing it would give Internet Service Providers like Verizon and Comcast a lot more control over what we can see and do online. Among other things, they could create faster or slower speeds for sites, charge premium prices for upgraded access, and engage in censorship by throttling websites, apps, and online services.

This would be a devastating blow to the free and open Internet we rely on for streaming videos, communicating with our networks–and yes, reading critical news stories about the state of our democracy. Without net neutrality, small businesses, low-income individuals, and much of rural America would lose access to affordable, reasonably fast internet service.

Hearing strong disapproval from Congress could persuade Chairman Pai to reconsider his proposal. Let’s call Senators Markey (202-224-2742) and Warren (202-224-4543) and our representatives and ask them to contact the chairman and demand that he drop his plan to abolish net neutrality. And while we’re at it, let’s leave a message for Mr. Pai at the FCC (202-418-1000), too. Extra credit: send an email to the three FCC Commissioners who appear to be anti-neutrality: Ajit Pai, Brendan Carr, and Michael O’Rielly.

SCRIPT: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a concerned customer from [CITY].

[IF CONGRESS] I’m calling to express my support for net neutrality and a fair and open Internet. I strongly belief that the free flow of information on the Internet is critical to a healthy democracy. I’m asking [SENATOR’S OR REP’S NAME] to contact FCC Chairman Pai and demand he abandon his current plan to dismantle net neutrality.

[IF FCC] I’m calling to express my strong oppositions to the FCC’s attempt to kill net neutrality. Preserving an open Internet is crucial for fair and equal access to resources and information, and it is essential to a healthy democracy. Please abandon your plan to dismantle net neutrality.
Thank you for your time and attention.

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL, please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]