Don’t let the NRA weaken our gun laws. Massachusetts has the fewest gun deaths per capita in the nation. Let’s keep it that way. The Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security will hold a hearing on dozens of gun bills this Thursday, November 16, at 11am in State House Hearing Room A-1, and despite the fresh tragedies in Las Vegas and Texas, the majority of these bills are straight out of the NRA’s playbook: deregulating silencers, taking away the Attorney General’s power to regulate firearms like other consumer products, prohibiting local regulations, and more. Attend if you can—NRA members always turn out—and wear orange if you’ve got it to show your support for gun violence prevention.

If you can’t attend (and even if you can), email the committee chairsSenator Michael Moore and Representative Harold Naughton—right away and urge them to support measures closing background check loopholes and oppose any weakening of our gun laws. Be sure to include any personal stories in the text below.

SCRIPT: Honorable Chairmen and Members of the Joint Committee:

Over the past 20 years, Massachusetts gun deaths have decreased by 60%, giving us the fewest gun deaths per capita in the nation. I’m writing to ask you to build on—not undermine—this accomplishment. I urge you to support H1283, S1298, and S1292, gun safety measures that close loopholes in the background check system and collect data to prevent firearm trafficking.

I also ask you to oppose measures that will weaken our state’s protections against gun violence—S1317 and S1340 (deregulating silencers), H1296 (prohibiting cities and towns from passing any laws regulating guns), H1284 and S1326 (stripping Attorney General Maura Healey of her power to prosecute illegal guns).

Thank you for your consideration.

Your name and address.


Let’s push the members of our Congressional delegation to take the Dreamer Pledge, a commitment to vote against the continuing budget resolution unless it contains a clean DREAM Act. Senator Warren took the pledge, and Representative Jim McGovern is among the 25 House Democrats who made a similar commitment.

Every day the DREAM Act isn’t enacted, hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth continue to live at great risk. We need to keep calling Senator Markey (202-224-2742) and our representatives (except for Jim McGovern) and use the Indivisible Team’s script to urge them to take the Dreamer Pledge.