Scott Pruitt’s EPA wants to repeal the Clean Power Plan, this country’s most significant government action to mitigate climate change. Designed to lower greenhouse-gas emissions from American power plants 32% by 2030, it sets commonsense limits on otherwise unlimited carbon pollution from power plants and encourages the development of clean, renewable energy. We have until January 16 to comment on the proposal here (click Comment Now) to show them that America disagrees.

To give your comments weight, use your own phrasing and include any related personal stories or technical information. You might include one or two of these points.

  • Every 1ºc of global average temperature increase will cost the U.S. an estimated 1.2% of gross domestic product.
  • According to a 2015 EPA analysis, the Clean Power Plan would create $20 billion in benefits by 2030 as a result of avoided climate damages.
  • 72% of Americans think the U.S. should take aggressive action to fight climate change.
  • Independent researchers found that the Clean Power Plan would prevent 3000 premature deaths annually from heart attacks, respiratory illnesses, and other health problems caused by pollution.
  • Studies have shown that the plan would also prevent 90,000 asthma attacks and 300,000 missed work and school days by 2030.
  • Eliminating the plan will further degrade the planet’s climate by leading to the release of more heat-trapping gas into the atmosphere.
  • Repealing the Clean Power Plan will put the health and well-being of our communities, especially communities of color and low-income families that bear the brunt of climate impacts, further at risk.

Mass residents can still sign up for the ACA, but the deadline is this month. Please post or share this reminder wherever you post or share.