It’s recess! Just the essentials this month.

Tell Secretary of State William Galvin to drop his appeal of the ruling against Massachusetts’ 20-day voter registration deadline, and ask him and your state legislators to support same-day voter registration. In a major win for democracy two weeks ago, the Suffolk Superior Court ruled the 20-day registration deadline unconstitutional. Secretary of State Galvin announced he will appeal the ruling. He suggested that allowing people to register closer to an election would create chaos, despite the fact that states with same-day voter registration—including most other New England states—haven’t found it to be a financial or logistical burden. Call Secretary of State Galvin at 617-727-9180 or email him at

SCRIPT: Hello, my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [CITY] to urge the Secretary of State to drop his lawsuit against the Superior Court ruling that Massachusetts’ 20-day voter registration requirement is unconstitutional. States with same-day voter registration, including most New England states, report no financial or logistical issues. Voter participation is central to our democracy, and same-day voter registration has the potential to improve turnout between 2% and 10%. I’d like to see the Secretary of State stand up for greater participation instead of fighting it. I’m asking him to drop his appeal and support same-day registration. Thank you.

While we’re at it, let’s contact our state representatives and ask them to support H.2093 and S.371, which would establish same-day voter registration.