It’s recess time!

The Massachusetts legislature and both houses of Congress are on recess until September. We’ll post only time-sensitive actions, one or two days a week, for a time. Go out and play!

Get involved in making Somerville’s elections more fair and open. Mayor Curtatone’s new Clean and Open Elections Task Force is seeking members. The group will look at ways to increase participatory democracy and support clean elections in Somerville through options including public financing, outreach, and expansion of early voting.

Interested residents are encouraged to apply for Task Force membership. The seven Task Force members must be residents of Somerville with a demonstrated interested in democratic participation. Applicants with relevant expertise in areas such as election financing, voter participation and turn out, and disclosure and reporting requirements are sought alongside those passionate about this issue. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, August 22. You’ll find more information and details about applying here.

Let’s urge Governor Baker to push for a strong plan for the future of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) (pronounced reggie). The 9 mid-Atlantic and northeastern states that make up RGGI, a market-based program aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions, are in the midst of a review. To date, RGGI has generated significant environmental, economic, and health benefits. Given the Trump administration’s hostility to environmental measures, this is the right time for RGGI to strengthen the successful carbon program they pioneered and secure their role as leaders on climate action.

SCRIPT: Hello my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [CITY] to urge Governor Baker to push for the strongest possible updates to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative program. Specifically, I’d like to see RGGI adopt the most ambitious declining annual cap on carbon, explore opportunities to expand the program to other states, and conduct an environmental justice analysis. I hope the governor will support the battle to combat climate change during this critical period.