July 10 is the deadline to comment on Trump’s plans to review 27 national monuments spanning more than 11 million acres of land and about 760 million acres of ocean. He called the designation of these national monuments “another egregious abuse of federal power” and said he wants to open up protected areas to “tremendously positive things.” Until July 10, we can comment on the plan at To get started, think of a public park or vacation you took that involved being outside. Sit with your thoughts for a few minutes. Now write just a few sentences about what it means to you to have spaces like this protected from large developers and corporations.

ICE plans to deport Francisco Rodriguez Guardado on July 13, so we’ll need to voice our objections before July 11. When Francisco Rodriguez Guardado, an MIT worker, went to his June 13 immigration check-in accompanied by more than 40 community members in solidarity, ICE denied his stay of removal and told him to return July 13 with travel documents. This Boston Globe article provides an eloquent discussion of his situation. Call ICE’s New England Regional Immigration Officer, Gary Roltsch (781-359-7500 X7625), and Community Relations Officer Alexia Koplewski (781-359-7511). Or email Alexia Koplewski and Todd Thurlow.

SCRIPT: Hi, my name is (NAME) and I live in (CITY). I am calling to ask you to grant Mr. Francisco Rodriguez Guardado’s stay of removal. His A-Number is 099-665-463. Mr. Rodriguez has lived in the U.S. since 2006. He is a father of two American citizen children with a baby on the way. He is a member of his children’s school parent committee, of the community organization Chelsea Collaborative, of the Church Tabernaculo biblico seguidores de Jesus, and of 32BJ SEIU (Service Employees International Union) at MIT. Mr. Rodriguez Guardado contributes greatly to his community, church, children’s school, and workplace, and he is a beloved member of the Chelsea community. Thank you.