We need to keep after Congress to pass the Dream Act (S.1615/H.R.3440). There’s been a lot of noise lately about many issues, but we can’t let our representatives forget that the country’s Dreamers are in crisis, their fates in the hands of Congress as the president makes his heartless demands. Last Wednesday, we asked you to call your Massachusetts representatives and urge them to fight for a clean Dream Act. It’s helpful to repeat those calls weekly. Here’s how.

Let’s also enlist our friends and family members in other states to talk to their representatives about the Dream Act. The Indivisible Team has supplied a calling script as well as information about the number of Dreamers in each state.


Get Americans covered by the ACA. Health insurance open enrollment begins November 1, and it’s time to start spreading the word—the administration decided to shorten the enrollment window this year. Now there’s a group that can help. Two former officials who worked on the sign-up campaigns under Obama have launched an initiative, Get America Covered, to stand in for the administration’s dramatically scaled-back efforts. They’ve got information on helping friends and family enroll and on starting an open enrollment street team, and their fliers, fact sheets, Facebook and Twitter graphics, and suggested posts make it easy to help people get the health coverage they’re entitled to.