Find your state rep’s phone here.

The MA house is voting today on a huge criminal justice bill, and we need to call NOW and oppose several amendments to it that would increase wiretapping and surveillance of MA residents.

From the ACLU:

The wiretap amendments (53, 105, 115 & 174) would hugely expand invasive government surveillance of residents’ phone and online communication. The worst among them target people with substance use disorders, allowing prosecutors to listen in on the private conversations of not just alleged drug sellers, but also users—who themselves often “distribute” drugs among friends. And they would undermine the Massachusetts high tech industry by expanding law enforcement’s reach into the Massachusetts tech and digital security sectors, threatening customer trust and adoption of new technologies that are the lifeblood of the tech sector – without even bringing tech leaders into the public conversation.

Please use this script (also courtesy of our friends at the ACLU):

Hi my name is _____________ and I am a constituent of Representative _____________. I am calling today to urge the Representative to oppose all amendments to the criminal justice reform bill that would expand our wiretap statute. [If asked, the amendments are #53, #105, #115 and #174]

Wiretapping is a complex and complicated issue. Changes to our wiretap statute should be carefully considered and crafted, not added as an afterthought to a major criminal justice bill. These amendments would have serious unintended consequences for Massachusetts, from harming the high tech companies doing business in Massachusetts to allowing prosecutors to conduct invasive surveillance of drug users with substance use disorders. Again, I urge Representative _____________ to oppose the wiretap amendments. Thank you for your time.