Indivisible Somerville empowers members of the community to actively and effectively participate in the political process. Combining traditional grassroots strategies with modern technology, rapid innovation, and collaborative action, IS is committed to contributing to positive social change, and developing community organizers for the 21st century.


Indivisible Somerville and friends is a chapter of the Indivisible movement based in the Boston area. We focus on local activism guided by the principles of the Indivisible Guide: influencing individual Members of Congress, and stopping the far Right’s agenda of racism, authoritarianism, and corruption.

We also serve as an incubator for experimental activism, called Labs; as a resource for civics education; and as a training program for new and future leaders.

We are a growing community of activists from Somerville, Cambridge, Boston, and beyond. Join us.

Please also feel free to contact our leadership team via email at steering-committee@indivisiblesomerville.org with any questions, partnership opportunities, or if you are interested in joining our leadership team.


We are effective.

We are efficient and fast. We focus on realistic wins, and emphasize rapid innovation, iteration, and technology. Guidelines are laid out by members and leadership based on measurable goals. Successes are measured by data, and initiatives proceed with a clear objective. Our iterative process means that we check back regularly on progress, and take action accordingly.

We are organized. We develop, nurture and complete projects with a respect toward each other’s time and efforts, and with scalability and future growth in mind.

We do our homework.

We do our research. We earn the respect of our community and our elected officials by disseminating informed, researched, and accurate material and information of the highest quality.

We invest in the civic literacy of our community by: attending trainings, hosting speakers and experts, researching issues, stances, topics and campaigns. We make sure that our informed decisions are tempered by informed opinion. We value expertise and experience.

We fight disinformation from without and within, and we make corrections if we discover that errors have been made.

We are grounded.

We do what we can with what we have. We don’t squander our ability to make change, be that leveraging privilege, capitalizing on connections, negotiating compromise, or simply rolling up our sleeves and getting to work in the pursuit of betterment.

Our feet are firmly on the ground while our aspirations live vibrantly in a better future for ourselves and our community. We do this by nurturing our relationships with others in our community and among ourselves.

We experiment.

We believe in the freedom to experiment. We encourage members to try out new ideas to enact change. Through trial and error, we learn to be effective and adaptable. Through innovation, we replace methods that aren’t working with something new.

We believe that every failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. We eschew blame of the individual, and embrace analysis and high quality feedback. We are dedicated to learning as much from our failures as from our successes.

We are kind.

We understand that we are all learning, trying, and sometimes failing. We understand that we’re all working toward similar goals, and that we all deserve respect, patience and kindness. We frame things in a positive way, put more positive into the world than negative, respect the guiding principles of allies, eschew unnecessary negativity, and assume good intentions. We have heart, compassion and patience when interacting with fellow organizers.

We are part of a whole.

We strive to contribute to a diverse and inclusive influence on our world. We recognize that we are part of a much larger community, in which differing groups with many focuses all contribute to the change we seek to promote.

We educate ourselves on the goals and needs of others, and we respect that each group is an autonomous part of our collective work, deserving of respect and understanding. We welcome members of all groups to join us in our work. We do not expect to be invited to all conversations. It is our responsibility to earn our place at the table of change and progress.

We understand we’ll have both victories and defeats. We understand the value of productive argument. We respect and recognize the power of multiple perspectives.

We invest in people.

We’ll help you find your role. If you have specific skills, you’ll work among peers. If you’re new to the work, we’ll teach you. By sharing knowledge among all members, we educate each other for the betterment of all.

We care for others and invest in self-care. We nurture sustainability of effort, of positive energy, and of commitment.

We look to the horizon.

We push for advancement and forward motion, embracing a diversity of approaches to problems. We are not afraid to add new tools to our toolbox, or borrow solutions from a variety sources. We support ideas, not ideologies. We do not accept our institutions and situations as immutable, and we encourage groundbreaking strategies that challenge and improve the status quo.